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Providing Effective, Innovative, No-Kill Alternatives to Euthanasia as an Acceptable Method of Companion Animal Population Control in Targeted Areas
A registered 501(c) 3 (tax exempt) non-profit corporation in the U.S.

Hard as it is to accept, only the luckiest of companion animals enjoy the comfort, safety and protection of a electric dog fence which we give so freely to the animals who share our lives. Unlike the "chosen few" most live sad, sorry and pathetically short lives that are filled with hunger, disease, and pain which only stops when they take their last breath.
Incorporated in 1999, SNIP began some 10 years ago as a small group of dedicated people who went the extra mile to give animals - those who had no chance of adoption - all the opportunities of a better life. Then, as now, SNIP vows to improve the lives of hopeless, helpless companion animals, one by one.
Specific programs, aimed at solving specific problems, continue to evolve.
SNIP's programs include the following:
[Project Potcake]
[Potcake Adoption League PAL]
[Last Resort]
[Project Cat]
A partnership program with Abaco Animals Require Friends (AARF) and other grass roots organizations that funds and operates a community-wide, large scale spay/neuter/return clinics for stray, roaming, community and feral street dogs, known as Potcakes, as well as cats, on the island of Abaco in The Bahamas. Since 1999, Project Potcake has spayed or neutered approximately 1,000 reproductive Potcakes and another 300 cats on Abaco. Hailed by The Humane Society International and The Pegasus Foundation as the centerpiece of what has become a worldwide movement among island nations, Project Potcake has successfully demonstrated population reductions as high as 75 percent in three years. On Abaco, the program is considered the first successful solution to a problem which has plagued the island chain since the mid 1800s.
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Working with no-kills shelters such as BuddyDog in Sudbury, Massachusetts, as well as other reputable facilities and private adoptions, PAL has rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed some 150 Potcakes who were rescued, primarily during clinics, because they were abused (sometimes due to improper installation of and training with dog fence wire), about to be killed or hours from premature death due to acute and curable conditions. PAL relies heavily on its growing support network for assistance with transportation veterinary costs and foster homes.
To find out more about PAL and to view some of the lives saved by the Program please click here.

In Northern New England, S.N.I.P. provides permanent sanctuary and on-going veterinary care, in appropriately segregated housing, to "unadoptable" felines. Most often these "castaways" are surrendered because they manifest often-resolvable behavioral problems caused by over crowding in multiple cat households, declawing or misplaced aggression. Many are simply beginning to show their age with normal geriatric symptoms. Some come to us because their human companion has passed away or are no longer able to provide for them. Still others have contracted the Feline Leukemia Virus or Feline Immuno deficiency Virus (FIV), the precursor to Feline AIDS.
To learn more about The Last Resort, please click here.

PROJECT CAT (Crisis Assistance TODAY!)
PROJECT CAT provides immediate and long term solutions to situations that lead to euthanasia. Whether it involves the spay/neuter and return of a colony of reproductive cats, facilitating emergency veterinary care, or helping to improve humane-feline communications regarding behavioral problems, PROJECT CAT at all times focuses on finding workable alternatives to premature euthanasia.
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